We take our choice of colours for the development squads from the Welsh flag.

At competitions it is expected that ALL SWIMMERS competing wear the same RED Tshirts.  These can be purchased through Deiniol Harries, all TShirts come with individual names :-)

White Squad

  • Ages 8/9 & above
  • LTAD – up to 1x2hr, 3×1.5hr s/wk 1xAM session
  • Need to be able to swim 100M on 3 strokes, 50M Fly, all strokes legal
  • Fri AM Bangor or Sat AM Caernarfon
  • To compliment Club sessions
  • Aerobic conditioning, kick based, drills on 4 strokes
  • Progress when can complete 6×200 FS @4:30, 4x100IM, 6×100 Kk @ 3:15

Green Squad

  • Age 9/10, 10/11
  • LTAD – up to 2 x 2Hr, 3×1.5hr Mon & FriAM or Tues & Sat AM plus Club sessions
  • Aerobic conditioning kick & IM drill based
  • Progress to next squad when able to complete 8 x 200M FS @ 4.00, 4 x 200M IM @ 4:15, 8 x 100M K @ 3:00

Red Squad

  • Age 11-12+, 12-13+
  • LTAD 3x2hr, 2AM, 3×1.5hr
  • Prepared to train min 3x week AM plus Club sessions
  • Good attitude to training
  • Progress to Elite when able to complete Welsh National Min Reqs for Camps & Clinics

Elite Squad

  • 13+
  • Meet LTAD Hrs for age
  • Meet Welsh national minimum training requirements for age
  • Must attend 3 AM sessions, preferably 4 before evening sessions
  • Must display a good attitude
  • Attend Welsh A&Y and/or Regional Nationals


Tri Swimmers

  • Open to Youth swimmers no longer wishing to compete in A&Y or Regional Nationals
  • Distance based sets, targeting 400M / 800M
  • Must compete in tri or open water events

Competitive swimming training for swimmers from Gwynedd